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Adhesives and Sealants

Be it general purpose usage or specific bonding requirements for Industrial products, 2-component PU and Epoxy adhesives are used as sealants or casting compounds in a wide range of end-product applications.


The specially formulated 2K adhesives form a structure that needs to be mechanically tough and resilient, having the ability to counter dynamic shear-forces as well as providing excellent bonding to a variety of substrates. The formulations are so designed that the product mix-viscosity, pot-life and curing exotherm is optimised for its end application. 

Modern structural adhesives also need to be designed to exhibit flame-retardant properties.


The advent of PU networks that can be designed to form excellent bonds with different substrates has enabled use of PU in place of PVC-plastisol as an adhesive for a variety of Industrial filters. Specially designed PU and Epoxy adhesives are used as structural adhesives for Honeycomb panels and as structural foams for pocket filters. Niche applications like UF hollow-fibre membranes need an Epoxy adhesive designed for optimum end use, to ensure there is minimal distortion of the fibres during field use.


RPPL’s ENBOND range of products include a host of such tailor-made PU and Epoxy formulations for specific end-use applications as Industrial adhesives and sealants.


Air Filters


Honey Comb Sanwich Panels


Pocket Filter


UF Member filter cartridge


UF Water Filtration Systems


Air Oil Separator & HEPA Filter

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