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Potting and Casting Compounds

Safety is of utmost concern for any electrical and electronic device; be it Home, Industrial or Commercial.

The safe-working of these devices is essential in ensuring efficient operation of the appliance with a long, optimum lifespan; a necessity in our day to day lives.


RAND has been a pioneer in introducing Potting and Casting compounds formulated using a Polyurethane network. Over the years, Rand has added, and expanded, to its portfolio, functional and high-performance systems based on both PU and Epoxy networks.


With a dedicated in-house development team and the experience gained over time; RAND offers a variety of compounds designed for easy dispensing, excellent electrical properties, good thermal and mechanical resistance, functional requisites such as flame-retardancy; to ensure the potting and casting systems perform to standards in-line with local and global safety needs as well as environmental compliance.


RAND’s Potting and Casting materials find application in protection of AC/DC Film Capacitors, PFC Capacitors, Auto-electronic components, LV/MV CT-PT Electrical Castings, Cable Jointing Compounds, Electrical motors; amongst others.


Product trade names such as ENFIL, ENCAST, ENPOT, EPOCAST, EPOCAP are well-recognised as part of the Potting and Castings portfolio.

Cable  jointing kit- under potting and c

Cable Jointing Kit

Auto Mobile Rectifier 2.JPG

Automobile Rectifier

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