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The RAND Brand

RAND stands for Research & Development, testimony to the fact that all products and product formulations at RAND are developed in-house at our state-of-the-art Product Development facility. A pioneer in the field of formulating and developing Polyurethane systems for various application across Industries; RAND today is a reputed brand for the manufacturing and sale of quality PU, Epoxy and Polymeric systems for dielectrics, electronic potting and casting compounds, adhesives, construction chemicals, floor overlays and specialty functional additives. 

Led by a team of Technocrat Entrepreneurs, with a mission of developing Innovative products through molecular engineering, tailor-made to suit end-performance targets; the RAND family believes in the virtues of the Right Quality and Responsive Tech. service, maintaining harmony with the environment and ensuring total safety of all stakeholders.
Having firmly established its presence in the Industry for more than 25 years; the RAND family is geared up to explore new horizons and step-up towards manufacturing of products that can contribute to cleaner, greener and more sustainable manufacturing.

Rand Polyproducts Pvt. Ltd. was conceptualised in the year 1982, in the Bhosari MIDC in Pune, under the management of Dr. Vikas Nadkarni and Prof. Dr. A. Wagle; as a company involved in the manufacturing of general purpose Polyester and related Auxiliary chemicals. In 1986, the formation of the RAND family began under new management as Dr. Rajiv Dongre and Mr. U.V. Nayak joined the company as young and budding entrepreneurs. With the exuberance of youth, the company began manufacturing Styrenated phenols on a tolling basis, while creating resources for
in-house product development facilities in parallel.

The growth of RAND coincided with the opening up of the Indian economy through the 1990’s, as RAND became a pioneer in introducing PolyUrethane compounds for use as Dielectrics in the Capacitor Industry, replacing conventional Epoxy based systems. In the same period, RAND also took strides in developing and implementing novel chemical systems for waterproofing and sealants for the Irrigation Industry. 

At the turn of the century, RAND formed a sister-company named Innovative Coatings, which would serve as the face of application and service part of the
floor-overlay and coatings business.

In 2001, RAND successfully developed and commercialized PU encapsulation systems for the protection of Washing Machine PCBs.
With the growing importance of safety, RAND developed its own range of flame-retardant potting systems,complying with the UL norms. In the year 2006, the company was awarded the Hari-Malini award by the MCCIA for Developing New Products and Designs.
Over the next 4 years, RAND developed and successfully commercialised various polymeric functional additives for India’s largest Polyester-yarn manufacturer.

In 2010, RAND expanded its operations by moving its manufacturing facility to a new and bigger location in Ghotawade, Pune. This expansion and the effective implementation of Quality and Safety systems helped RAND enter into a Manufacturing Agreement with one of the world-leaders in Specialty Chemicals. 

This on-going tie-up has ensured a setup for the US based MNC to be able to cater to the growing market demands of South Asia, SEA, Asia Pacific and the Middle East.
In parallel, RAND also made a foray into developing Adhesives for the Air and HEPA filter market; replacing PVC plastisol based adhesives with PU adhesives.
With the introduction of the next generation of the Top Management in 2018, the RAND family was further infused with enthusiasm and new-age business ideas. 
Since 2018, RAND has begun to expand its foothold in the field of Construction Chemicals; by developing novel systems for niche applications in the Construction and allied Industries.

Company History

The Team





Dr. Vikas M. Nadkarni (Chairman)


Dr. Rajiv N. Dongre (Managing Director)


Dr. Suvid V. Nadkarni (Executive Director)


Mr. Nandan R. Dongre (Executive Director)




Mr. Prabhakar S. Patil


Mr. Ravikant Joshi

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