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  • Safe, clean & properly ventilated working environment

  • Installed Capacity of 11,500 TPA

  • Expansive, multi-level Production area

  • Stainless Steel Reactor vessels & pipelines

  • Liquid RM metering using flow meters (+ Load cell verification)

Lower Shopfloor.jpg


  • Designated pumping stations for clean & efficient RM handling

  • Electronically controlled & monitored production equipment

  • Automated packing stations for cleaner material handling

  • Separate area for Pilot scale-up from development to commercialisation

  • Well Ventilated & Organized Storage Facility


  • Efficient & modern Material handling systems

  • Multi-level rack storage for materials (RM & FG)

  • Separate storages for powdered materials & flammable materials

  • Well-equipped Lab for QC and Development studies

  • Upgraded Instrument room for End product testing



  • Clean heating by using efficient Thermic Fluid Heaters

  • Flame-proof Electrical Fittings in plant and adjoining offices

  • State of the art Fire Fighting system in place

  • DG backup with an auto-switch over panel

  • Zero-discharge Facility equipped with a modular ETP+STP

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