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Materials for Electronic Protection

Electronic products have a widespread influence and command in the modern day-to-day life.


PCB’s and LED’s form the heart of most new age electronic assemblies; and their reliability is essential to make our daily lives functional.


PCB’s used in most appliances are subject to exposure to moisture and vibrational shocks, which can cause permanent damage to the components and circuit as a whole. Protection from such factors and an encapsulant that is soft, in case of rework;is a critical need for all PCB manufacturers.


RPPL’s Encast range of formulated and synthesised PU encapsulation systems provide the necessary protection from all elements and stresses, providing a soft and transparent film with good electrical resistance at the same time. The systems are flame retardant; starting at a minimum thickness of 0.5mm

PCB Encapsulation.JPG

PU encapsulation systems



PU encapsulation systems


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