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Construction Chemicals

New age Construction technology has created a demand for the use of  functional chemical-solutions in niche construction; to ensure safe, long-lasting, resilient and high-performance construction quality.

In parallel, modern architectural designs and concepts for commercial and residential spaces have meant a rise in demand for products that provide fool-proof protection along with an aesthetic appeal.


As a part of its efforts in product diversification, RPPL has engaged itself into the development, demonstration and application of high-performing construction chemicals to fulfill the ever-growing needs of the Construction Industry.

In association with MIT-WPU, Pune, RPPL has developed effective solutions for the Construction Industry, on the basis of an evolving Polymer-concrete network. Solutions for construction joint repairs in structures/bridges/roads, mortars to replace conventional sub-floors, grouting solutions for various structural needs are just a few of the application possibilities.


In addition to these, products for commercial spaces include utilitarian and aesthetic flooring solutions for car-parks, lavish entrance lobbies, commercial kitchens etc, that provide seamless floors with a highly attractive appeal and optimum performance.

Functional coatings like anti-corrosive coatings for metal surfaces, anti-fungal and anti-microbial internal and external wall coatings, comprehensive solutions for water-proofing, roof coatings for heat-insulation etc help in ensuring RPPL’s construction chemicals portfolio can provide effective end-to-end solutions.


Aesthetic Mortars for 

Commercial Offices


Decorative Terrazzo Mortar for

Airport Lobby


Heat Insulating Roof Coating

Polylac Thermoshield


Anti - Rust primer for metals 

Epocoat ZPP



 Solutions for Construction Joints

PU Crete Polyfill


Protective Polish for Wood

PU / Epoxy Laquer

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