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Specialty Polymeric Materials

While commodity chemicals make for most of the market volumes in daily life, specialty chemicals are essentially designed and formulated for their specific function or performance.Such specialty chemicals are part of a very niche and inter-linked manufacturing supply chain, that result in a specific effect or value addition to everyday products. 

This makes specialty chemicals a highly performance-driven and essential chain of manufacturing.


With increased efforts in in-house R&D and development to commercialisation, RPPL manufactures specialty water-based polymeric additives for world-leaders in polyester fibres.


Since 2010, RPPL has added to its portfolio an array of specialty polymeric materials, as part of its production diversification and long-term sustenance model. Through techno-commercial tie-ups and manufacturing agreements with global leaders in the field of specialty chemicals, RPPL is involved in the global supply-chain of manufacturing and distributing niche specialty chemicals for the paint and paper industry.


Environmental sustenance being at the heart of RPPL’s vision, RPPL aims to scale up and commercialise sustainable and recyclable solutions for the polymer industry, through a molecular engineering approach.

Speciality Polymeric Materials

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