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RAND upholds a mission to develop innovative products tailor-made to suit specific end-use performance targets. With this expertise, Rand is a reputed brand for manufacturing optimum-quality products catering to a host of market segments like Consumer Electronics, Power generation and distribution, Industrial Products, Construction


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Consumer Electronics

Electrical and Electronic components in
day-to-day equipment need protection to ensure a
long-life, safe and reliable operation. With a wide range of PU and Epoxy formulations designed for electrical and mechanical protection, Rand is a valuable partner in the supply-chain of consumer electronic goods.

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Power Generation and Distribution

Power generation, distribution and management is the most critical part of every operation around the world. Devices used for this are designed and built to exhibit the highest of performances in tough conditions. RAND, with a range of electrical insulation, casting and protection resin systems, has developed compounds for low and medium voltage environments.

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Industrial Products

RAND, with its prowess in developing comprehensive solutions for end-to-end performance requirements, has a portfolio of products developed to serve a wide variety of Industrial applications. Electrical protection of auto-electronic components and motors, adhesives for the filter and panel Industry, functional floor overlays for Pharma and Manufacturing sectors alike, specialty chemicals for niche applications in the paint and fabric Industry are a few examples of the wide scope that RAND caters to.

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The advent of modern construction and architectural techniques meant that a foray into providing utilitarian solutions for the Construction Industry was an organic diversification. A novel chemistry of a composite

Polymer-Concrete network has resulted in niche solutions for construction repairs, grouting systems as well as aesthetic floor overlays and attractive solutions for upscale car-parks.

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