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Industrial Floor overlays

Clean working environments, protection of base floors and chemical-free/dust-free work zones are essential requirements for almost every modern state-of-the-art Industrial setup. 

Traditionally a prerequisite for Pharmaceutical and F&B manufacturing units, Epoxy and PU floor overlays are now widely used across all manufacturing sectors.


At the turn of the decade, RPPL, in association with its sister-concern Innovative Coatings, diversified into the field of providing top-notch Industrial floor overlays; using its expertise and gained experience in the field of Epoxy and PU formulations.


RPPL offers a comprehensive portfolio of Epoxy and PU based floor overlay systems, having both solvent-borne and

water-borne chemistries; with specially designed formulations for both end-use, safety and environmental requirements.


Contemporary designs and innovation in formulation chemistry has enabled RPPL to add to its portfolio floor overlays designed for optimum performance as dielectric coatings, heavy duty PU-concrete networks and coatings with functional fulfillments viz; UV stability, high abrasion resistance, anti-microbial coats etc.


With able service partners; RPPL has a robust network of supply-apply for Industrial overlays, dedicated teams for technical support along with assistance in developing tailor-made high quality end-products for specific coating needs.

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PU Floor Overlay Systems
Industrial flooring for Warehouses



Epoxy Floor Overlay Systems
Industrial flooring for Pharmaceuticals


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